Mission & Goals

“We strive to empower all to be confident in their own strengths and ability to protect themselves if the need arises.”

One of the most important things in life is growing up with a feeling of self-worth and self-confidence. With all of the obstacles to overcome, most of us grow up with feelings of inadequacy and fear.

We created a place for children and adults to bring out the inner and outer strength of each person to achieve and expect the best that life can offer.

Giving our students principals through mutual respect and a feeling of belonging to a team are ways in which we feel we can achieve this goal.

With the world becoming more violent and disorderly, learning how to defend ones self and be aware of the dangers in life (and how to deal with those dangers) become much more important for both kids and adults.

Our kids program is designed to teach each level independently and also to bring all the kids together to know one another so that when they see each other in middle & high school levels, they have friends and a strong, respectful circle of their own. We do believe in “strength in numbers”.

Our adult program incorporates a vast variety of styles to create a very effective mixed martial art we call our “Integrated Fighting System”. We teach a system that is understandable and easy to implement, if needed.

Our competitive classes are Napa Fight Sports and Muay Thai. They offer great conditioning and a chance to compete at any level desired.


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Schedule of Classes