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Kids Martial Arts Napa

I've been going to this dojo for about 6 months & the Integrated Fighting System (IFS) classes are exactly what I was looking for. It mixes the best self-defense parts of Western Boxing, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kempo & street smarts, There are really no katas in the class, just drills in real street threat scenarios. This includes deescalation, multiple attackers, facing guns & knives & going to the ground. it goes from fighting dirty against a stronger opponent, to safely managing your drunk uncle. Doug is the class master. He is so patient at teaching people at all skill levels on how to use the relevant parts from his decades of training. He also makes the class fun! Lance is another excellent IFS instructor, with vast knowledge & great teaching style. If you're looking to learn martial arts & boxing in a no-nonsense self-defense class, this is it.

Dale W.

Kids Martial Arts Napa

My daughter loves it and the instructors are amazing with all the kids.

Sarah M.

Kids Martial Arts Napa

The BEST martial arts studio in Napa. Master Nick Christ is loved by the kids and parents alike. His classes keep the kids engaged and wanting to work hard and learn. Lance Meltzer leads the adult and teen program that help even the most intrepid beginner feel comfortable alongside his team of black belts with loads of encouragement as well as providing a challenging environment.

Laura D.

Kids Martial Arts Napa

Aldo! Thank you for two great workouts this week. Had a good time tonight and feeling good.

Tina M.

Kids Martial Arts Napa

Master Christ is awesome with kids and is a superb mentor. He makes exercising and staying fit fun! My son looks forward to every class where he has learned a lot - not just about self-defense and sport Taekwondo, but honor, trust, respect, leadership and self-confidence. In addition, scholastic accomplishments are encouraged and openly recognized.

Where my son works out at another Taekwondo studio in Napa as well, he enjoys Main Street Martial Arts because of the cardio drills, leadership opportunities, and tight skill training with competitive Palgwe and Taeguk pumsae options (eight trigram forms).

He feels that he has developed a special bond with Master Christ and various students which motivates him to be at his best and have fun.

Where the classes here can be quite large, it's amazing how Master Christ knows every one of the kids and finds a way to motivate and reward each in their own way to learn new skills, stay fit, and build self-confidence through accomplishment.

My wife loves the women's self-defense classes taught by Lance and my eldest son loves the Kenpō classes taught by Lance and Doug.

David T.

Kids Martial Arts Napa

My daughter just started and loves it! Master Nick is amazing!!!

Anne M.

Kids Martial Arts Napa

The Beginning Kempo Street Fighting class TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

Sarah F.

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