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Blend The Best Aspects Of Multiple Disciplines In Our Adult Martial Arts Classes

Whether your goal is to stay safe in real-world situations or just take on a challenge and get in great shape, we've got you covered at Main Street Martial Arts. Our Adult Martial Arts program offers men and women 14 years and older an incredible blend of modern-day martial arts and a cutting-edge system that will always keep you on your toes. 

Join us in Napa for the best self-defense and fitness training - all packed into one system! Fill out the short form to get started today or click each program below to learn more!

IMPACT Street Fighting And Self Defense


What Can You Expect From Our Adult Martial Arts Program?

We believe that no one discipline can offer all the tools you might need in a real-world altercation. That's why our IMPACT Adult Martial Arts program pulls the best aspects of a wide range of skills to create one cohesive system that offers effective self-defense and total-body success.

At Main Street Martial Arts, you can learn aspects of Krav Maga, Kenpo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Filipino Martial Arts, and more! This system offers you cutting-edge combative skills for any real-world situation.

We're helping everyday men and women learn:

  • Situational awareness
  • Effective striking skills
  • A clear head in high stress
  • Unwavering self-confidence 

From Day One, You'll Get In Shape And Sustain It Like Never Before

If you're in a rut with your fitness routine or you're looking for a way to stay active in the first place, our Adult Martial Arts classes have the answer. We use the skills and strategies of Martial Arts training to keep your mind off the fact that you're taking on a true total-body workout.

We'll keep your heart racing and your muscles moving with a combination of repetition exercises, strength building movements, cardiovascular training, and more!

Join us in Napa for: 

  • Improved strength and muscle tone
  • Boosted cardiovascular health
  • Increased speed, agility, and mobility
  • Healthy and sustainable weight loss

Take The First Step Today! Join Us For The Best Adult Martial Arts Classes In Napa!

Don't settle for good enough. Get the most out of every workout and learn effective self-defense skills at the same time. Our Adult Martial Arts program is great for all experience levels. We'll help you improve one step at a time.

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