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Master Lance Meltzer

Master Lance has owned and operated Main Street Martial Arts since 1998 to bring a quality martial arts studio to the Kids and adults of Napa. Creating an ego-free studio with qualified and principled instructors that are here to serve and teach students in a safe and fun environment.

Lance earned his 8th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo, as well as a certified senior instructor in Jeet Kune Do (Progressive Fighting Systems), Haganah (Israeli Martial Arts), Israeli tactical knife fighting & ground survival.

In 1999 they started Napa’s first transported after school karate program. Over the years, Main Street Martial Arts has made a huge difference in many children’s lives to have them be able to pursue martial arts in an after-school program. “We get them to classes, you pick them up after class is over.” Many of the kids have earned their Black Belt in our after school program. 

A retired Chiropractor, Lance, and his wife, Darlene are the founders of Nature’s Way Montessori in Napa. He teaches the adult Integrated Fighting Systems/IMPACT. Lance has also been a lead facilitator for the Napa County Office of Education’s ROPES COURSE.

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