Transported After School Karate Program

Our Transported After School Karate Program is designed to give working parents a way to get their children to our martial arts school for classes.This program offers a greater study of martial arts and give them focus to complete their black belt in our after school program. We’ve offered this program since 1999.

We provide van transportation from most Napa Elementary and Middle Schools. Once at the studio, the kids participate in our award-winning Tae Kwon Do classes, learn about the art and even learn basics of Korean language, as it relates to the sport. They are also instructed in life skills classes, anti-bullying, anti-gang and are encouraged to perform at their optimum in school. Parents can come watch the classes before taking them home for dinner and family time.

Many students have participated in the Transported After School Program, school year after school year, and have earned their Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Besides earning their belts, they acquire the attributes of martial arts; self-confidence, focus, discipline, self-control, physical fitness and teamwork. Qualities that help create a confident young adult! Of course they also learn how to defend themselves as well and make life-long friends in the process.

Our vans are fully insured and our our drivers are adults with clean driving records and background checked. We want to have the safest program possible.